Improve Your Tennis Game with Efficient LED Lighting

JB Corrie has been supplying and installing complete tennis court solutions for 40+ years. 

One of the most frequent complaints and causes for frustration we have heard from tennis club members is regarding the tennis court lighting. We are pleased to share some of the ways new floodlight technology is overcoming these issues and the reasons why it may be time to invest in new lighting to reduce your environmental impact, reduce glare (and missed volleys!) while also achieving a return on investment due to cost reductions.

We are happy to offer a FREE, no obligation, personalised lighting plan at your tennis club or court

For new courts, we will provide complete guidance on optimum light distribution zones, heights and locations as well as both installation and running costs. 

For current courts with existing lights, we will assess the electricity costs of running your current lights, the environmental impact and the return on investment calculator, demonstrating the reduction in running costs which are likely to be significant.

Minimise court downtime

One cause of frustration for tennis clubs can be the delays involved with a lighting failure. LED lighting has advanced incredibly, resulting in a bulb life that is up to 25 times longer! As we know, replacing flood light bulbs is very different to replacing a household bulb, meaning courts can be unplayable for days whilst waiting for availability of a professional installer with height working equipment.

This can be a treble blow due to disappointed members not being able to play, lost court hire income along with the large bill for the lighting engineers.

At Corrie Padel, our lighting solutions keep members happy, keep courts open and avoid large engineer bills. Our LED lighting will maintain consistent lighting levels for years and have a long expected lifespan. We are so confident that our floodlights will last that we offer a PremierCare Warranty guarantee against any lighting failure within 5 years. 

PremierCare Warranty - Complete peace of mind

Our lights PremierCare Warranty guarantees against any light failure within 5 years. Such is the confidence in the lifespan of our light fittings that they come with PremierCare warranty, meaning that after one phone call, no form filling required, the light unit will be replaced free of charge; we will arrange the exchange of the fittings or will pay the costs of the exchange.*

This will give you the fastest possible rectification and ensure that you will not incur any costs.

*maximum cost per fitting £500+VAT

Reduction in glare and light pollution

As a tennis player, how many times have you lost a high ball due to the brightness of the lights that you would have easily returned during daylight? This Is a common complaint and source of frustration amongst club players throughout the country. Part of our FREE tailored lighting plan is the careful, considered placement of tennis court lighting. 

LED lighting is far more targeted than ever before, focused on lighting areas more accurately and therefore minimising the areas on court where players may experience glare. 

If you are experiencing issues with glare whilst playing tennis, order your FREE personalised lighting plan here and our tennis court lighting experts will advise on the potential improvements our lighting will provide and will ensure your next smash is a winner rather than you frustratingly losing the ball in the lights and missing it completely!

Environmental impact reduction

LED lighting uses significantly less energy compared to other systems. Just the running costs alone can be up to ten times cheaper! If you factor in the longevity of the bulbs with the almost instant warm up and warm down periods when switching on/off, the environmental impact reduction is even greater resulting in less energy wastage and far less going to landfill.

As a British manufacturer, JB Corrie is passionate about producing the highest quality, locally sourced materials and employing locally. Buying British avoids supply chain issues and significantly reduces carbon footprint for installations.

For a lighting solution with minimal environmental impact, order your FREE, no obligation, personalised lighting plan here. It includes projected energy output based on your courts, lights and estimated time using lights.

Retractable lighting can overcome planning obligations

Are you experiencing planning permission challenges in relation to adding lighting to your tennis or padel courts? We have experience in overcoming objections by using innovative retractable lighting options. Speak to our team on 01730 237100 for further advice and find out how JB Corrie can help you successfully overcome previous planning rejections.